Magnetic suspension, Magnetic bearings
Study on Diamagnetic Levitation Using the graphite Japanese
Magnetic supended Gyroscopic sensor Japanese
Study of Micro Force Measurement Using a Zero-compliance Mechanism Japanese
Solar Magnetic Suspension Wind Power Generation System Japanese
AC Magnetic Suspension Using Magnetic Resonant Coupling Japanese
Lateral Vibration Control by Varying Stiffness in Magnetic Suspension System Japanese
Higher-accuracy Mass Measurement Using Limit Cycle of Control System Japanese
Non-contact Carrier System using Solar Magnetic Suspension Japanese
Development of a Wind-Tunnel for Spining Using M Body agnetic Suspension Japanese
Zero Pwer Magnetic Suspension (Japanese)
Vibration Isoration System using Zero Power Magnetic Suspension Japanese
Variable Flux-path Control Magnetic Suspension System Japanese
1DOF Magnetic Suspension for class (Japanese)

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